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Naturopathic medicine relies on holistic, comprehensive approaches to diagnosis of physical imbalances and natural healing agents in the treatment of any disorder.

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Counseling to new mothers and their newborn babies.  Delivery of babies by certified midwives.
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There is a subtle human energetic field surrounding each of us and it reflects a person's physical and emotional well-being. Practitioners of energy work are able to sense and gently manipulate this field to remove energetic blocks and encourage harmony and balance in a person's whole being.


Receive private yoga instruction and hands-on adjustments from a certified and experienced yoga teacher, allowing you to address your specific goals and rebalance your entire being under the watchful and compassionate eye of a trained professional.



“Just finished a chiropractic adjustment with Taylor. The relief in my neck is tremendous. Definitely recommend booking an appointment to see him. Thank you, Taylor!” 

Jessica S.
Phoenix, AZ


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